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There are many reasons why patients seek out temporary but effective treatments to reduce the fine lines that begin to form when we are in our early 40’s.  Some are adverse to invasive surgical treatments such as a brow lift procedure. And others want to look younger and more refreshed for an upcoming  event, such as a wedding or school reunion.  Still others wish to avoid the expense and life interruption that are typical of surgical treatments.

During the last decade, several new injectable dermal fillers have arrived on the market that have revolutionized the cosmetic surgery industry, one of which is Juvederm®.  Juvederm® is a safe, FDA approved injectable gel that plumps and rehydrates the skin, replacing moisture that was plentiful in youth, removing fine lines and wrinkles.  It works by stimulating the body’s production of hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring carbohydrate. Juvederm® treatments take just a few minutes and are relatively painless thanks to the addition of lidocaine to ensure patient comfort.

The results of Juvederm® are immediate, literally erasing the lines around the mouth, nose and between the eyebrows and the effects are long-lasting–up to a year in most cases.

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