Dr. Kassabian

Microneedling With Rejuvapen

The Rejuvapen is a unique, non-surgical treatment to improve the appearance of acne scarring, fine lines, mild discoloration, and enlarged pores. The Rejuvapen’s innovative micro-needling process will create tiny channels or micro-injuries in the affected areas of the face. 

This triggers the natural inner healing process in the deeper tissue and allows for self-repair and renewal of the outer skin. At the same, the process stimulates the fresh building of collagen and elastin fibers that will make the skin more volumized, supple, and naturally youthful looking. 

Rejuvapen Benefits for Your Skin

  • Closes or reduces enlarged pores
  • Mitigates fine lines and minor wrinkles
  • Subtly lifts and tightens the loose skin 
  • Improves the appearance of acne scars
  • Improves hyperpigmentation 
  • Creates a more even skin tone and smoother texture
  • Promotes cellular renewal for healthier, rejuvenated skin 

The face, neck, and décolletage are the key areas of treatment, but the Rejuvapen treatment may also be effectively used on arms, legs, and abdominal stretch marks.

More Advanced than Traditional Micro-needling 

The Rejuvapen procedure involves the use of nine micro-needles with a unique dial to penetrate at very precise depths in the epidermis. 

Unlike traditional micro-needling techniques, the Rejuvapen can create invisible perforations on multiple areas of the body, treat different skin types, promote cell regeneration, and facilitate absorption of active cosmeceutical ingredients that may be applied during the procedure.    

Dr. Kassabian | Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology