Dr. Kassabian

Rosemary Murphy, L.E. – Medical Facialist

August, 2002-Graduated Newberry School of Beauty Aesthetics Program

September, 2002-Licensed California State Board-License

July, 2011to Present-Member, Associated Skin Care Professionals

June, 2002-Certified, Mega Peel Microdermabrasion, Newberry School

July, 2002-Certified, Dermalogica Partnership Program for Esthetics

International Dermal Institute

September, 2002-Certified, Microdermabrasion Techniques by Aesthetics Solutions


February, 2003-Certified, Jan Marini Skin Care Technologies and Procedures

Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc.

June, 2003-Certified, Sunless Airbrush Tanning System by Aesthetic Solutions

September, 2003-Certified, Cosmetic Light Therapy, Lumiderm Co.


March, 2004-Certified, Condition Specific Peels and Depigmentation Treatments

Visual Changes Skin Care International

June, 2004-Certified Refinity Skin Solutions by Cosmederm Technologies

June, 2004-Certified Cosmederm Skin Science by Cosmederm Technologies


August, 2005-Certified, Ionithermie Biotechniques by Biotechniques de la Beaute

November, 2005-Certified, Oxygen Facial Infusion, Oxiana Medical Devices


January, 2006-Certified, Epi-Dermal Levelling, Cosmedix Skin Care

April, 2006-Certified-Palomar Pulsed light Systems, Palomar Medical Technologies

August, 2006-Certified-VelamSmooth Cellulite Reduction, Syneron Medical Technologies

November, 2006-Certified-Visual Changes Product Knowledge

Visual Changes Skin Care International


February, 2007-Certified, Jan Marini Continuing Educations, Technologies and Procedures

Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc.

October, 2007-Certified, Dermalogica Product Knowledge, International Dermal Institute

November, 2007-Certified, Age Smart Product Theory and Practical Applications,

International Dermal Institute


June, 2008-Certified, New Twist Facial Procedures, New Twist, Inc.

November, 2008-Certified, Nelly DeVuyst Body Treatments, Nelly DeVuyst

March, 2009-Certified, Bioelectric Detoxification, The Best Company

July, 2009—Certified, Mineral MakUp Ingredients and Techniques

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

August, 2009-Certified, Parafango Body Treatments, Parafango, Inc.


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Dr. Kassabian | Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology